In 1999, ODAX Synergie was formed but back then it was
known as HAPM I.T. Sdn Bhd playing the role as ICT Consultant.

Later in 2006, the company’s name was changed to HAPM Synergy.

Subsequently, in December 2011, the company’s name was changed to ODAX
Synergie. The rationale of the change was to reflect the revised
ownership and also to instill new corporate values and
aspirations. The word “ODAX” is derived from a Latin word
Audax which means Bold while Synergie is a Dutch word for
synergy. Thus, ODAX Synergie means “Brave, Bold and United”.



“To constantly analyse the market needs and to deliver winning
solutions and services that satisfies emerging customer needs”.

Our Mission is to help our Clients to achieve its business
goals by providing the best, practical and cost effective
solutions through thoughtful understanding of the Client’s
needs, providing highly trained and qualified people with
passion to deliver endure solutions and services that suits
the Clients’ needs.

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